My shop is based at a family owned and run craft site in Mullion, called The Chocolate Factory & Craft Centre. And yes, there really is a chocolate factory here! Don't expect Cadbury World if you visit though, the chocolates are all handmade and wrapped,  so a somewhat smaller scale. 

I've worked here since 2007, working in the office, and the coffee shop, as well as helping out onsite wherever required. Then I was offered a craft unit myself, and spent 4 happy years making and selling jewellery.

When this opportunity arose though, how could I refuse? 

A shop incorporating my love of crafts, and I can encourage others to try their hand and have a go. I love it!

I meet some fabulous people, and make lots of new friends who come back year after year.

There are other units here too though, from a glass studio to a cosmetics factory. Check the website for more details.