This is my beloved boxer, Gaby, who can be found with me in the shop occasionally. This is a breed I have loved for almost 25 years, and as a result of this, I support a wonderful team of people who rescue and re-home boxers here in the south west.

Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue do a sterling job helping those dogs in need, usually through no fault of their own. In 2019, my husband contacted the charity, and we now also have Ralph, a gorgeous white boxer with a brown patch on his eye.

I raise funds here in the shop by various means. I recycle craft magazines for a donation, I sell  items at no profit to myself, and I will often 

contribute a portion of proceeds from the Make & Take table activities at certain times of year. Add to this the generous donations in the collection pot from customers, and I am very proud to say we help to raise a substantial amount. Every single penny helps. So please give what you can when you visit - Gaby, Ralph and their friends appreciate your support.